Key Features of Alteryx

We’ve summarised our views on the key features of Alteryx, to help you understand how it could benefit your organisation and which problems it may be able to solve.

Alteryx is a data science and analytics platform, but there are so many features that are useful to business functions, that you may not even know about.

Yes, it is brilliant at analysing data, but some of the other key features may have surprised you. Alteryx has hundreds of use cases that we can think of across all departments within your organisation. And the great thing about it is that you don’t have to be a data scientist or IT whizz to use it. You build workflows (which are repeatable and interactive) using no code building blocks.

We are seeing increased use of Alteryx in:

  • Finance Teams – to automate their frequent and low skill reporting / processes, allowing them to focus on analysing the data rather than producing it. Combining data sources across multiple system and then building workflows to meet your F,P & A needs.
  • Marketing Teams – to automate campaign management and join together data from all systems to ensure a personalised customer experience.
  • Operational Teams – to automate reporting and gain new insights. The Text Analysis and Sentiment Analysis tools allow these teams to quickly and regularly analyse customer feedback in text form and understand the customer’s emotions. Also there is use in automating processes that serve customers – automated emailing of documents to customers or extracting information from documentation sent to you by customers.
  • Forecasting & Modelling – using historical data to understand trends and patterns and applying these going forward – inventory managment, resource allocation, supply chain management, customer demand, product demand and the list goes on. The spatial analysis feature is particularly useful if you have geographical variations in any of the above.

We believe that using Alteryx for data science and analytics, can truly revolutionise your organisation and its approach to developing and using your data and insight to deliver a great customer experience.

4th Revolution would love to help you on your journey and use our understanding of the power and capabilities of Alteryx to help you deliver game-changing results. Please get in touch if you would like to chat through the features of Alteryx and how it may be able to help your organisation