Are you driving insight from customer feedback?

Combining internal data with external customer feedback can add an extra level of insight to the information already being captured.

We go to great lengths to gather feedback from customers at key moments in their journey. Are you getting the most from this feedback?

Combining the external customer feedback, with your internal operational data, can be game-changing. We are asking a customer about their experience at a certain time in their journey, for example – getting a quote, having a repair completed, answering a query. If you combine the customer feedback with internal data, it can highlight important observations and insights about the customer and their expectations.

By combining and analysing this data, we can begin to uncover key insights into what happens during the journey when we score a 9 or 10, but also importantly what happens when we score poorly, highlighting pain points. This ultimately helps us to understand the customer needs and expectations about the journey – is there a tipping point in response time that moves the satisfaction level from high to low? Do satisfaction levels differ dependent on channel used for response? Do satisfaction levels differ dependent on the customer being kept updated? Does the nature of the query change the expectation for response time? Do different customer types have different expectation levels?

Combining both internal and external data starts bringing your feedback to life and enables you to make the right changes to the customer journey to align with what the customer needs, wants and expects. It helps to identify what customers like and dislike, it helps set the service levels that customers expect – it helps us to understand our customers better.

It then allows us to test this insight – make changes to the journey and monitor the impact, striving for continuous improvement and to meet and hopefully exceed the customers expectations.

We believe that using Alteryx for data science and analytics, can truly revolutionise your organisation and its approach to developing and using your data and insight to deliver a great customer experience.

4th Revolution would love to help you on your journey and use our understanding of the power and capabilities of Alteryx to help you deliver game-changing results.