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Seamlessly Connect Your Data

Investing in a CRM, timesheet and accounting system for your business provides a significant edge.  However, it can still leave your back office teams grappling with the challenges of downloading data extracts and using Excel to manually manipulate the data into the format needed to manage business processes. 

Using a low code / no code analytics platform, data can be effortlessly extracted from your systems, enabling manual business processes to be replaced with simple and repeatable workflows that save time, increase accuracy and deliver better visibility of performance. Over the past year, in collaboration with several leading recruitment businesses, we have developed solution blueprints for many common business processes. 

Our Solutions


Easily handle complex scheme rules and caveats to calculate commissions, issue personalised statements for consultants and  upload to payroll


Enhance your insight into cashflow by connecting your outstanding invoices, contracts and budgets within a unified forecasting model 


Merge information from your CRM, Timesheet and Accounting systems, creating a consolidated reporting environment in Power BI and enhance your ability to gain deeper insights


Streamline the handling of client remittances and automate the reconciliation process for seamless payment allocation 

The Benefits

Huge Time Savings

By transferring data automatically, your teams will no longer need to manually export data from Timesheet Portal and use Excel to shape it. Automating some key manual process can deliver great time benefits.

Skills Utilised

Use your team’s expert skills where they can add value to your business, rather than spending their time running manual reports and processes.

Reduce Human Error

Combining data from systems and using Excel to shape it always presents the risk of human error, especially when these processes involve complex rules and are ran infrequently. They also rely on individual team knowledge to ensure they run on time. 


Don't just take our word for it!

The ability to extract data straight out of TSP, has allowed us to build automated workflows for our commission calculations, month end postings, contractor payments and reporting.
As well as saving many days of the finance team's time each month, the repeatability of the workflow's has eliminated any human error, massively improving accuracy.
Martin Blythe
CEO, The Searchability Group

ROI Achieved by Clients

0 hours

2 full days saved each month with the new automated Commission Calculations

Fewer queries
1 %

70% fewer queries from consultants on their commission payments, by implementing the Automated Commission Scheme and delivering individual statements

If you would like to explore the power of the data from within your systems, using a free 30 day trial, please get in touch.