B2B Cashflow Modelling – Automate & Analyse

Cashflow is a key area of every business with an increasing need for greater accuracy, frequent updating and proactive management

Using Alteryx and Analytical Process Automationcan give you a greater level of accuracy, take minimal time and be run on demand.

Many Finance Teams are running their cashflow modelling in Excel, which can take many hours to update and has the limitations of Excel. Using Alteryx allows automation of this process and a deep dive into the factors affecting your cashflow models. You can increase precision by using the historical data you have to understand your customer behaviour and use them to enable future forecasting.

We believe that using Alteryx for data science and analytics, can truly revolutionise your organisation and its approach to developing and using your data and insight to deliver a great customer experience.

4th Revolution would love to help you on your journey and use our understanding of the power and capabilities of Alteryx to help you deliver game-changing results. Please get in touch if you would like to chat through the features of Alteryx and how it may be able to help your organisation.