Management Reporting

A huge amount of time within Finance departments is still being spent downloading data out of various systems, before it is manually cleansed, ratios calculated and finally formatted and published across various mediums. 

Instead, weekly and monthly reports can be scheduled to run as soon as the data is available. By integrating with the core systems, data can be extracted and transformed into information that supports decision making and can be distributed by email or published on a dashboard using Tableau. 

By automating these regular reports, significant resource can be released to instead focus on business partnering with the relevant departments, so as to influence performance and address any issues. 

Liberated from the limitations of Excel, complex measures such as first time resolution and the key satisfaction measures across your key journey’s, can be calculated and reported to better understand your customer experience. Through the creation of a rich data set, comparisons over longer periods of time or against targets can also be highlighted.